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The Best Appetizers for the Holiday Season

December 1, 2017

Planning a big holiday get-together and looking for some appetizers that even the pickiest eaters in your family will love? Want to show deli fans how it’s really done? What if you could offer deli-based appetizers that are as delicious as they are original?

Aliment Roma offers some ideas to create the best hors d’œuvres that will add the right gastronomical joy to your holiday dinner.

The Charcuterie Board: Where Taste and Creativity Meet

A charcuterie board is very popular during the holidays. It is quick to prepare but also because you can offer different bites to enjoy. A single charcuterie board can showcase multiple flavours and your creativity. Here are some tips for getting it right:

  • Select the right platter: make sure it complements your other table decor;
  • Offer a wide variety of deli choices: coppa, calabrese, cacciatore, capicolli, etc.
  • Mix flavours: you can adorn your charcuterie platter with small pieces of fruit, veggies, cheese and more;
  • Be creative: Transform your charcuterie board into a rainbow of colours: in addition to offering different flavours, add those small touches that make all the difference: caramelized onions, fig jam, nuts, honey, bread, etc.

By creating contrasts and spicing things up with quality deli meats, you’re sure to win your whole family over this holiday season.

Holiday Skewer Surprises

When it comes to serving appetizers, skewers are an obvious choice. Not only are they rich, simple and packed with flavour, but you can also mix your deli meats with all the ingredients your guests will love! Here are some tips for hors d’œuvres :

  • Deli meat and cheese skewers: mix your cacciatore, your coppa or your sausages with delicious pieces of camembert, goat or even feta—a combination that seduces any taste buds.
  • Deli meat and fruit or veggie skewer: embellish your sumptuous deli meats with fruits or vegetables (think fig, melon, tomato, apricot, etc.).

Don’t be afraid to create a variety of hors d’œuvres and skewers to satisfy a range of tastes and that give people the chance to test out new flavours.

A Touch of Glass: Shotglass Appetizers

Shotglasses are the fancier way to go for your holiday hors d’œuvres. These tiny glasses offer plenty of room for your guests to sample a multitude of flavours with the help of a small spoon. Place several ingredients over two or three layers. Ham is a common staple, which can be mixed with a vibrant veggie purée, for instance. Aesthetics and style are up to you!

Getting a little hungry? Just imagine what these appetizers can add to your holiday festivities—a whole other reason to celebrate! Discover the high quality and versatile deli meats courtesy of Aliment Roma.

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