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Everything you want, we put it at your disposal. Either ready to eat or ready to cook, for you, your family and your guests.

They’re all here

Cooked, dried, and fresh.

Although the ingredients couldn’t be simpler (superior cuts of pork and the perfect blend of spices), the process of creating our products is long and complex. Let us show you how our products are made and what makes them so delicious.

Authentic taste!


The Roma name is a synonym to tradition, excellence and unique aromas and flavors. The reason is that since producing our very first product, we have never compromised on quality. 100% Quebec made cooked deli or 100% Italian made cured charcuterie, Roma et Roma d’Italia present the passion of generations and the art of excellence.

NEW - Convenient and Tasty!

Cooked Sliced Sausages

When it comes to versatile and flavorful meat options, cooked sliced sausages can elevate your game meal to a whole new level.

The best!


It’s not a pizza without the fun and zesty flavors of Roma Pepperoni! The famous taste and our family recipes make it the best-selling Pepperoni brand in Quebec and Canada! We have a wide variety of recipes, flavors and formats to please everyone.

Authentic flavors!


Prepared from an authentic Italian tradition, our tasty juicy sausages will enhance your recipes and grills to perfection! They can be perfectly added to the following dishes: couscous, pasta, soups, subs, rice, and many other recipes on the menu.


Buon appetito!

Our recipes

Don’t know what to make for dinner? Discover our recipes to inspire you!