This is our story

We love food: delicious food, traditional food, authentic food, convenient food... Italian food! It's this love and passion for food that has been passed down from generation to generation. Family owned since 1953, and built on a commitment to bring its customers the highest quality Italian charcuteries, sausages and pepperoni. Today the third generation of the Ramacieri family continues this commitment as it builds for the future.
With Pasquale's business acumen, and Luigi's charcuterie knowledge, Roma Foods was born offering Quebec the first locally manufactured cooked Italian deli. Realizing the high local demand for cooked pepperoni, Roma developed its first product, a cooked pepperoni that was a success! Then came the Mortadella & Capicolli. From the very beginning, Quality Control procedures were put in place at every step of the process. This has evolved to procedures that meet or exceed CFIA, HACCP AND GFSI standards. Still today, Roma's original recipes are sold across Canada. Goods are stored under optimal temperatures to maintain freshness and quality. But our products rarely sit around. We ship to retailers across Canada, allowing everyone to experience the true taste of Italy. Pasquale and Luigi would have been proud.

How our products are made

Although the ingredients couldn’t be simpler (premium cuts of pork and the perfect blend of spices), the process of creating superior charcuteries and sausages is long and fairly complex.
Let us show you how our products are made and what makes them so mouth wateringly delicious.