What makes deli meats and sausages so popular?

July 25, 2017

Increasingly popular, deli meats and sausages are becoming staple foods in Quebec homes. Pepperoni sausage, for instance, is a versatile favourite that can be served year-round. Why all the hype? The following are just some of the reasons that make deli meats and sausages a sure-win for any occasion.

Unique Taste

The first reason is obvious: the delicious flavours found in deli meats and sausages make them a feast for the taste buds. In the 1990s, with the health food rage in full swing, deli meats were offered in multiple flavours and could be prepared in no time. Today, deli meats have built on this trend that is increasingly present in homes everywhere. Thanks to their versatility, these are products that have something to offer everyone. Whether for a meal with family or friends.

A True Artisanal Product

The best deli meats and sausages have, without question, been made artisanally. This authenticity guarantees you both enjoyable flavours and a high-quality product. For example, our products represent a combination of generational expertise, a long and complex creation process as well as a taste of Italy, all while being manufactured locally here in Quebec.

The Perfect Combination

In addition to being delicious, they are products that perfectly complement a range of foods to create unique meals. Whether it’s in your pasta, in a panini or in a pizza (of course), deli meats are the ideal, quick-use accompaniment, requiring zero prep time. As for sausages, what better addition to a couscous, soup or BBQ grill? Let our recipes inspire you of the possibilities.

Discover our products and choose among our deli meats and sausages—each different but all tasty and traditional.

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