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Turkey, Charcuteries, and Sausages for Thanksgiving

September 28, 2018

Even if Thanksgiving rimes with Turkey and cranberry dinner, nothing stops you from enhancing this sumptuous traditional meal to include sausages and charcuteries!

Aliments Roma would like to suggest 5 delicious meal ideas to make your Thanksgiving family reunion a great success!

1.    A Succulent Turkey Roast for Thanksgiving

Turkey is definitely the most popular meal for Thanksgiving. Aliments Roma suggests making it the king of the evening by offering your guests a sausage and pistachio turkey roast! All you need to do is modify your current bread stuffing by adding Macinata sausage meat, garlic and cranberries to make it absolutely tasty.

2.    Another Delicious Stuffing Recipe

Have you ever thought of enhancing your bread stuffing with pancetta? Try it, it’s a real delight that will please all the family.

3.    An Extraordinary Accompaniment

Brussels sprouts are an amazing choice to accompany your turkey. However, it’s important to make them look appetizing for the smaller, most judging of your guests! Roast them with pancetta to elevate their taste. A real treat!

4.    Fresh Coppa Salad

Some linseed, some coppa bits, some dried cranberries and a little bit of cheese lying on a bed of salad is a delicious and light entree for a sumptuous meal!

5.    A Platter of Cold Cuts and Cheese

When we receive a lot of people, a platter of charcuteries and cheese is a must. Offer them some Calabrese or some Cacciatore accompanied with little cheese cubes before the feast. Your guests will definitely appreciate!

Finally, why not try out our Italian-style turkey stuffing? Simple and delicious, this stuffing will put a smile on your guests’ faces!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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