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‘Tis the Season of Leftovers: How to Turns Yours into Delicious Meals

January 3, 2018

End-of-year holidays are synonymous with decadent meals with family and friends, and while such feasts with loved ones are always enjoyable, dealing with the huge quantities of leftovers is not nearly as fun. After going through all that trouble to spoil your guests, the last thing you want to do is let food go to waste. Here are some tips for giving new life to your holiday leftovers:

  • Say “Si” to Pasta

Always delicious and oh-so-practical, pasta is a no-brainer option for leftovers. There’s nothing simpler! Cook them as usual, add a bit of olive oil and embellish with what’s languishing in your fridge: Olives from those appetizers, stuffing from the unfinished turkey, pulled pork, cut-up sausage, or even vegetables and cheese that’s hanging around your kitchen.

  • Make Some Quesadillas

The base of this dish is simple: two tortillas between which we put cheese, veggies and meat. Just heat everything up in a pan for a sumptuous mix. Leftover cut up sausage or sausage meat is a perfect addition, but you can also mix in leftover pepperoni slices. If you’re more adventurous, some slices of pancetta can bring a much-appreciated Italian angle to your quesadillas.

  • Pizza: The Weeknight Go-to Gourmet Solution

Somewhere between gluttony and laziness lies pizza. With already-prepared dough, all you need is to add your favourite garnishes, coat everything in cheese and bake in the oven. What more delicious solution for leftover deli meats?

Whatever your preferences, take a chance and mix together different flavours! You won’t be disappointed, and, with some luck, you’ll even impress your guests all over again!

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