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August 12, 2019

On June 8, our plant was the victim of an accidental fire. Our production has therefore been slowed down. Nevertheless, we remain united and do everything in our power to resume our activities as soon as possible. Our team is stronger than ever and our passion is not shaken. After all, Aliments Roma has already been delivering over 65 years of delicious  meats  ,  sausages  and  pepperoni  . This event may have temporarily slowed us down, but it will also showed us the strength and perseverance of our team. While we remain positive, this accidental fire still had consequences.

If your favorite products are out of stock, rest assured, this is only temporary. The production of pepperoni has started again in July and should reach your shelves by early August at the latest. As for our sausages, it could take a few extra weeks. The equipment for its production was in the area affected by the fire. We still expect its return to market by the end of September. Our team works very hard so you can enjoy a real taste of Italy on your plates as soon as possible. Discover now the love story and passion that drives our team, and this for more than 65 years.

A passion that transcends generations

The story of Aliments Roma begins in 1953. From the small family business of authentic Italian products  to your favorite supplier of cold cuts, sausages and pepperoni in 2019, it is more than 65 years of passion that enlivened our plant. Aliments Roma was one of the first manufacturers in Quebec to offer locally made Italian charcuterie. By the way, our cooked pepperoni was an instant hit! Thanks to Pasquale’s business acumen and Luigi’s knowledge of sausages, our family business has never stopped growing. They could not be more proud of what their business has become.

In Quebec and Canada, we ship to all the major retailers. We are proud to offer fresh and high quality products. Our products are recognized for not staying on the shelves very long. The Ramacieri family is at its 3rd generation that pursues the company’s commitment: that of offering superior quality, authentic Italian products. We are proud to offer a real taste of Italy to Canadian families since 1953.

A strong team ready to persevere

The fire has wreaked havoc, we can not deny it. Much of our equipment has been affected, which is temporarily slowing down our production. And yet, our team doubles creativity and effort  Our team is still united, despite the hardships. We are proud and extremely fortunate to be able to count on the support of incredible employees and our loyal customers. We are always motivated and passionate. Thanks to our persevering team, our products will find their places on your shelves soon. We invite you to continue to follow us, because we will keep you informed of the following events. From the bottom of our hearts, our team wishes to thank you for your support. The satisfaction of our customers is important to us and drives us to persevere! Thank you for all these beautiful years, and those to come.

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