Sausages: Everything to be the barbecue king!

May 24, 2018

The time for perfect pizza nights is over now that the sausages and Romaburgers on the barbecue season have begun! Nothing better than a pleasant terrace evening with a perfectly grilled meat to announce the beginning of summer.

Here are a few meal suggestions with sausages, cooking tips, and a little guide on how to maintain your barbecue in order to make you the king of the barbecue this summer.

Sausages, the heart of a successful barbecue dinner

Tickle your guests’ palates with a fine, perfectly grilled sausage meal on the barbecue. Add some grilled veggies and cheddar, sour cream, green onions and pancetta stuffed potatoes for a delicious and fulfilling meal.

For the spiciest sausages, Aliments Roma suggests that you accompany them with several sauces, like garlic mayonnaise, ranch, or cheese based in order to tone down the spices. Serve your sausages or Romaburgers with a delicious, refreshing salad and tomato juice-based cocktails. A guaranteed success!

The art of maintaining a barbecue

Sausages, burgers, steak; it’s all delicious but it leaks and it’s messy. When we want to keep our barbecues for a few years, it’s important to take great care of it, and that each time we finish with it. Here are a few golden rules to maintain your barbecue in a good state.

  • Brush your grills after each utilization of your barbecue. Wait for them to cool down, then brush with a steel brush to dislodge the residues. Finish by cleaning with warm water and soap, then let them dry.
  • To clean the burners, leave them soaking overnight in wine vinegar, rinse and let them dry.

Clean the tank with the help of an oven cleaning product or with the help of a special degreasing product for barbecues.

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