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How to Pull off Homemade Pizza Night!

January 29, 2018

Let’s be honest, nothing quite beats a tasty pizza fresh from the oven. But we don’t always feel like dragging our bodies out in the cold of winter to go to a restaurant to try ordering a pizza that everyone will like. So why not plan a homemade pizza night?

Whether it’s with friends, family or just a quiet night with a movie, homemade pizza offers several advantages. Completely customizable, your homemade pizza is also easy and fun to prepare. Here are our tips for puling off your gourmet night in!

Step 1: Your Dough:

There’s no easier way to secure the title of host of the year and impress your guests than by making homemade dough! This recipe courtesy of Ricardo takes only 10 minutes and can be prepared ahead so you can even freeze the dough. Why not?

If making your own dough isn’t your thing, there are some very good pre-made options at your local grocery store. Another option is to make your pizza with pita bread. Simply put the condiments on the table, and each guest can garnish his/her own pizza how they want. This alternative makes for a fun activity and guaranteed tastiness.

Next up, the sauce:

If you’re a real keener, we recommend making your own pizza sauce, and enjoy a taste of Italy in every bite! It’s easy: heat some garlic and olive oil in a pan, add coarsely chopped Italian tomatoes, basil and oregano, followed by some salt and pepper. Let everything simmer for about 20 minutes, and you’re done.

If you’re in a hurry, you can simply use store-bought pizza sauce or leftover tomato sauce in the fridge.

Some Classic Pizzas:

  • Pizza with pepperoni: Our special pizza and cheese Pepperoni La Pizzeria
  • All-dressed pizza: Same base as a pepperoni pizza, and add mushrooms and green peppers
  • Pizza with cheese: Mix up your 3 or 4 favourite cheeses. Some of the most popular ones for this pizza are mozzarella, parmesan, feta, cheddar and blue cheese.
  • Québécois pizza: Our special Pepperoni La Pizzeria, cubes of Pancetta (known as the Italian answer to bacon), mushrooms and cheese.
  • Mexican pizza: ground beef (we recommend our mild Macinata sausage), onions, hot peppers and cheese.

Some More Refined Pizzas:

Bon appétit!

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