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5 Holiday Recipe Ideas for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

December 17, 2019

The end of year celebrations is fast approaching! And who says holiday season says feast! Are you looking for sources of inspiration for your Christmas or New Year meals? And if, this year, we left the stuffed turkeys for more creative, but just as delicious, dishes? Roma Foods offers you these 5 holiday season recipes.  

Sausage stuffed shells

There are different ways to eat giant shells at Christmas. For this easy party dish, we suggest stuffing the shells with our delicious Italian sausages. For the preparation, you must:  

  • Cook the shells, drain and set aside,
  • Then, cook the onion, the pepper and the garlic in olive oil. Once everything is softened, pour into a bowl adding the sausage meat and the egg and parsley, 
  • Use this mixture to stuff the shells then place them in a baking dish, 
  • Pour a mixture of tomato coulis and oregano over it,
  • Finish with cheese and put everything in the oven (425°F) for 30 minutes.

Enjoy this holiday recipe in a good company!

Simmered white beans with sausage

A comforting and nourishing family dish for the winter, what better way to celebrate the end of year celebrations? So here is the preparation for 4 portions of simmered white beans with sausage.

  • Start by cooking 4 Roma Italian sausages until they are golden brown, 
  • Then cut the sausages into slices, add 3 sage leaves and 4 garlic cloves and cook for 3 minutes,
  • Add the Italian tomatoes and the 4 cups of white beans,
  • After 7 minutes of cooking, put the spinach and wait until they soften, 
  • Add salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese. Mix well and it’s ready!

Pesto and sausage pasta

Pesto and sausage pasta is another excellent holiday recipe! For the preparation you must:

  • Cook 12 oz of pasta in boiling salted water, 
  • Once the pasta is ready, drain and set the 125 ml of water aside (cooking water). 
  • Then proceed to cook the 2 Roma Italian sausages in olive oil,
  • When they are golden brown, cut the sausages into slices and set aside. 
  • Finally, cook the onion and add the sausages. 
  • After 3 minutes of cooking, add spinach and cook until softened. 
  • Finally, add the pasta and 1/3 cup of basil pesto. 
  • Mix well while pouring the 125 ml of water.

Apple and sausage salad

With all this holiday season culinary program, a salad meal will certainly make you happy. In addition, it is quick and easy to prepare holiday recipe:

  • Poach 1 lb of sweet Roma Italian sausages in simmering water for about ten minutes,
  • Drain then and put in a hot pan,
  • Grill the sausages for 10 minutes before cutting them into slices. 

 For the sauce

  • Mix oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, and pepper,
  • Add a little mustard, honey, and thyme,
  • Then add the chicory, carrot, apple, cucumber, walnuts, onion, and grilled sausages. 
  • Mix and enjoy as a family!

Italian sausage stuffed zucchini 

If you want to include vegetables in your holiday recipes, consider sausage and parmesan stuffed zucchini. To begin: 

  • Empty 4 zucchini and cut the flesh,
  • Cook the zucchini, 1 lb. sweet Italian sausages as well as ½ onion in olive oil for 5 minutes,
  • Once all drained, pour 2 Italian tomatoes and oregano and mix well,
  • Fold the stuffing into the zucchini, add grated Parmesan cheese on top and place in a baking dish,
  • Finally, bake everything in the oven at 350°F for 10 minutes and brown for 3 minutes. 

We hope these meal ideas will bring a touch of fun, warmth, and delight to your Christmas and New Year celebrations! The team at Roma Foods wishes you a very happy holiday season. 

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