Traditional Italian Charcuterie Board

May 25, 2021

A charcuterie board or antipasto platter is perfect for a picnic, a special occasion like a dinner party, a wine and cheese event, or a meal when looking for a hearty appetizer. These little snacks present a variety of meat that are pre-cooked or dry-cured cold cuts. Here are some delicious ideas to create an easy charcuterie board worthy of a fancy banquet.

Italian Charcuterie Board Ingredients that you will need

Stop by your local grocery store beforehand to purchase various types of cold cuts of meat (already sliced or in sausages) prepared with great care by Les Aliments Roma. These top-of-the-line products, made in Quebec, are prepared in the most authentic Italian tradition. You will be able to choose, among others, the following types of cold meat:

  • Spicy calabrese, a cured meat that has been fermented and cured for seven weeks;
  • Old-fashioned capicolli marinated with a blend of spices for 72 hours, then put in the oven for a long, slow cooking process (which gives it its great tenderness);
  • Napoli;
  • Genova

What to put on a Charcuterie Board as Side-Dishes

Offer your guests crackers and sliced bread (plain, flavored, or with olives) as well as accompaniments that will enhance the taste of the assortment of meats. These great options may include:

  • Various raw vegetables (sliced carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, green or black olives, sliced cucumbers, radishes, avocados, hearts of palm or endives) that can also be used to decorate your charcuterie board;
  • Green salads (garden, Greek or Caesar style), potato salads, couscous, pasta, or chickpea salads;
  • Condiments such as Dijon or honey mustard, flavoured olive oil, salad dressings to drizzle over a green salad or to dip bread in, etc.;
  • Acidic or bitter ingredients such as marinades (pickled vegetables, marinated artichoke, olives, beets, or onions);
  • Original ingredients such as nuts, fresh fruits, onion jam, or dark chocolate.

Charcuterie, Cheese, and Wine

Charcuterie board and cheese board cannot go without each other. Some classic strong and soft cheeses such as cheddar, brie, fresh mozzarella balls or camembert complete the feast. Very strong cheeses can also be a treat with slices of spicy sausage. Among those we recommend:

  • Vieux Boulogne (7 to 9 weeks of ripening);
  • Pont l’Évêque : (6 weeks of ripening);
  • Munster (3 weeks of ripening);
  • Brie de Meaux (4 to 8 weeks of ripening);
  • Roquefort also called blue cheese (3 months of ripening).

You can also choose original terroir cheeses that will surprise and delight the most jaded palates. Fleshy wines (such as Domaine de l’Île Margot, Saint-Émilion, or Châteauneuf du Pape) or ports are recommended to accompany your charcuterie board, especially if you pick very spicy sausages! White wine is also a good option. If you prefer something lighter, you can go with apple or pear musts or even ice ciders, in order to contrast and refresh your taste buds! Get inspired with our comfort foods.

Fill your Fridge with Roma Charcuterie Products

Check out different types of charcuterie on our product pages and click on the desired charcuterie product to find out where you can get it. Start dressing up your charcuterie plate! You can also ask the deli manager at your local grocery store if they can order it for you.

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