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Lunch box recipe for kids : 3 simple ideas

October 23, 2019

Since the start of the school year, the daily routine has resumed even more! Your little ones must go back to school and you have to prepare them every morning: choose the right clothes, check the bags, not forgetting the famous lunch box. This year, what would you say to empower your child by entrusting him with preparing his lunch? Here are  3 lunch box recipes for kids, fun and easy to do!

1. Cheese and cold cut skewers

In the kitchen, there is nothing simpler than making skewers. We can assure you this is an easy and safe recipe since it requires no cooking. Simply choose your child’s favorite ingredients and prepare this simple and effective lunch box recipe!

For the skewers to be varied, the cheese must not be absent. Preferably, opt for a firm cheese. Then you need the cold cuts, salami or ham depending on everyone’s tastes.  And since this lunch box recipe is a creative way to encourage your kids to eat the foods they eat less often, seize the opportunity to add some vegetables to the recipe. For your children, the preparation will be a real pleasure!

2. Italian rolled sandwich

Whatever the age, it’s always a treat to savor a good sandwich. But it’s also true you can get bored with eating the same dishes every day. To escape the ordinary, Aliments Roma offers you a whole new way to prepare your sandwiches.

To prepare this lunch box recipe for kids, you will need:

  • 3 sheets of tortillas,
  • A leaf of lettuce,
  • Some pepperoni and,
  • Some varieties of cheese: grated parmesan, 9 slices of provolone and cream cheese.

Of course, you can add other ingredients, at your children’s request. It’s an easy recipe since the children will only have to spread the various ingredients on the tortilla sheets, roll them all together, cut in thin slices and it’s ready!

3. Pizza pasta salad

If your children are fans of pasta and pizza, kill two birds with one stone with this Italian recipe:  pizza pasta salad. First, you will need some macaroni and it would be safer to assist the children during cooking. Once the macaroni is cooked, all you have to do is add the other ingredients.

To get the flavor of a pizza, you will need;

  • Pepperoni,
  • Cheddar cheese,
  • Parmesan cheese,
  • Mozzarella,
  • Black olives,
  • Tomato and,
  • A little oregano.

Mix and you’re done! Your lunch box recipe for kids is just waiting to be savored.

The lunch box, child’s play!

Thanks to these simple recipes, entrust the lunch box preparation to children is beneficial for everyone. In addition to being fun, the younger ones will be accountable and the big ones can take on other tasks. Obviously, it will always be necessary to keep an eye on the children, one never knows which creative idea can arise during their preparation …

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