10 tricks to cut your grocery bill down to size

August 19, 2022

With prices going up, you might want to revisit some of your spending habits. Your grocery bill might be a real nuisance but have no fear! Outsmart inflation with our 10 easy tricks.


1- Make a list

You’ve set yourself a budget, great! Now it’s time to make yourself a grocery list to prevent all that impulse shopping. That way, you’ll buy what you actually need instead of whatever you’re craving in the moment.


2- Keep an eye out for sales

To maximize your savings, keep an eye out for what’s on sale each week at your local grocery stores. Try using a grocery price comparison tool to find the best deals!

You can also pinch a few pennies by remembering to look at a product’s price per 100g on the shelf label and compare unit prices across different brands.


3- Shop around

To find the best prices, sometimes it’s worth it to shop at a couple different grocery stores. Don’t have the time to run around? Shop at supermarkets that price match their competitors.


4- Take stock of your pantry

Before buying the ingredients you need for that new recipe, why not work backwards and start with what’s in your fridge and pantry? Rediscover hidden treasures like soups, spaghetti sauces and packages of sausage and pepperoni. And just like that, your menu for the week is set!


5- Cook big batches

Just like making a grocery list, cooking more at home—especially in large batches—is essential to saving money. Don’t be afraid to double or triple your favorite muffin, stock and pasta sauce recipes and fill your freezer to the brim.


6- Get the most out of your groceries

Before you throw food away, make sure you got your money’s worth out of it. Vegetable peels can make for a savoury stock and leftover herbs can brighten up a carrot top or beet green pesto.

At the store, fill your cart with foods you can give a second life. Take a whole chicken for example: you can make a delicious roast chicken dinner, then turn the carcass into a hearty stock and even save the skin to make chips!


7- Stock up

Take advantage of big sales and stock up on all your favorites like charcuterie, pasta and more by opting for family-sized packages. But don’t go overboard! Remember: waste not, want not.


8- Buy in bulk

Buy seeds, nuts, flour, peanut butter, pasta, rice and more in bulk at a specialty food store. That way, you don’t pay extra for all that packaging!


9- Say no to food waste

Stretch your dollar even further by cutting down on food waste. Did you know that 63% of food that gets thrown away could have been eaten? Be sure to properly store your food items so they end up on your plate and not in the trash.


10- Download a food waste app

Talk about a win-win situation! Prevent food waste and pay less with apps that let you buy food that’s nearing its expiration date from supermarkets, bakeries and even some restaurants.

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